2011 Essex BJJ Open Sponsored by Tatami

The Essex BJJ Open is proud to be sponsored by Tatami Fightwear. Tatami is a UK-based purveyor of hard-wearing BJJ gi and actively supports the UK BJJ-community not least by sponsoring athletes and competitions. This year, Tatami will supply several prizes to Essex Open winners:
  • a Zero G gi for the winners of the white and blue absolute divisions
  • an Estilo Premier gi for winners of the black belt super fights (look out for Azevedo v Pires and Roberts v Russell)
  • a casual BJJ rank belt to be worn with jeans in the colour of the division plus a fully customised and sublimated 25cm gi patch for winners of each division
We thank Tatami for their generous support and look forward to seeing you there! Get registering; registration closes at 11:55PM on 24 April.


Black Belt Super Fight: Eduardo Azevedo v Leopoldo Pires

The 2011 Essex BJJ Open is excited to be the scene of several black belt super fights and we are delighted to announce a second match-up! Eduardo Azevedo of Checkmat will meet Leopoldo Pires of Pedro Bessa in the -76kgs masters division. Both fighters are seasoned competitors and instructors and you can find Leopoldo at the Warrior School of Combat and Eduardo at Checkmat. Considering the wealth of experience these two are bringing to the match we are anticipating a tremendous bout. Spectators will also be able to see Andy Roberts versus Michael Russell in the -76kgs adult division.

We can't wait for the 30th's promise of great BJJ! Get registering; registration closes at 11:55PM on 24 April.

Portrait of Leopoldo Pires by James Oluoch-Olunya of Combat BJJ


Black Belt Super Fight: Michael Russell v Andy Roberts

We are very excited to confirm our first black belt super fight for the 2011 Essex BJJ Open! Michael Russell and Andy Roberts will face each other in the -76kgs adult match-up. Michael Russell, currently distinguished as Britain's youngest British BJJ black belt, is the BJJ instructor at The MMA Clinic Romford and brings to the mat a wealth of competition experience. Andy Roberts, who heads an academy in Farnborough, was recently promoted to black belt by Roger Gracie and is fresh from his silver medal performance at the ADCC Pro Trials. We anticipate a great bout from these two fighters! For more about these two competitors, check out Meerkatsu's interviews with Michael and Andy. Competitors and spectators will also be treated to a bout between Eduardo Azevedo and Leopoldo Pires in the -76kgs masters division.

Looking forward to a great day's BJJ! Get registering; registration closes at 11:55PM on 24 April.

Portrait of Andy Roberts by James Oluoch-Olunya of Combat BJJ
Portrait of Michael Russell by Gussie


In Loving Memory of Steve Fan

The Essex BJJ Open will gratefully collect donations on behalf of our dearly departed friend, Steve Fan of Gracie Barra Birmingham. Steve demonstrated great depth of character in his fight with cancer, which he sadly succumbed to in January. Braulio Estima will gladly receive your kind voluntary donations and all proceeds will go to Steve's family.


Essex BJJ Open 2011

Saturday 30 April 2011
Goresbrook Leisure Centre

Entry is £25/fighter and spectator tickets will be available on the door for £3/ticket.

Registration closes at 11:55PM on Sunday, 24 April 2011.

The Essex BJJ Open 2011 will be held on April 30th at the Goresbrook Leisure Centre. Doors open at 9:00 for fighters and 9:30 for spectators. Matches begin at 9:30 and end at 18:00.

The Essex BJJ Open is a bi-annual competition organised by Marc Walder's Origin BJJ Team and we look forward to hosting an impressive display of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu from all participating teams. See you there!



We're happy for your feedback and we're glad to answer your questions. Feel free to post your queries on our EFN thread or email us at essexopen@gmail.com. See below to learn:

Will there be an absolute?
When will my division fight?
Can I change my weight category after registration?
Have any other competitors in my belt division signed up?
What happens if no one else enters my division?
Will there be a seniors division?
Will the competition be run on a repechage/double elimination.
Will there be a juvenile or junior division?

Q: Will there be an absolute?
A: There is no pre-registration for absolute bouts. If time allows for absolute competitions on the day, fighters may register for bouts at the competition (if absolutes are held, registration for these fights will be free). If time allows for absolute divisions, only those who have medalled in their weight divisions will be eligible.

Q: When will my division will fight?
A: Brackets will be created after registration ends on at 11:55 on 24 April. Fight times will not be known until brackets have been created. Therefore, we cannot confirm when any particular division will compete until after registration has finished. We will aim to post brackets and fight times on 25 April.

Q: Can I change my weight category after registration?
A: The weight division you register for is the weight division you must compete at. This is to ensure that the brackets can be accurately created beforehand in order to allow for a smoothly-run competition for everyone on the day.

Q: Have any other competitors in my belt division signed up?
A: You can see a list of all our currently registered competitors are listed here. Scroll down to view the 'attendee list'; the attendee list is automatically updated, real time, as fighters put their names down. As far as sign ups for particular categories, while we cannot guarantee registrants for any particular division, we would be surprised if we did not have fighters register across a broad range of categories; historically we have held white to brown men's divisions as well as women's divisions. We'd also note that, historically, most sign ups occur in the last two weeks before the registration deadline; this year's deadline is 24 April at 11:55pm.

Q: What happens if no one else enters my division?
A: Where there is only one person registered in a category this is our procedure:
  • you can choose to fight in the next weight up
  • if you are master/senior you can opt to fight in the adult category
  • if neither option suits, we'll offer a full refund (less EventBrite's processing fee of £1.27)
Registration ends on Sunday 24 April and brackets will be confirmed on Monday the 25th. We will then issue an email to competitors confirming numbers in a category and fight times. Issues around single-person divisions will be resolved at that time.

Q: Will there be a seniors division?
A: Men's divisions will be split into two age groups, 18-30 and over 30. Women's divisions will not be split by age.

Q: Will the competition be run on a repechage/double elimination.
A: Yes, based on your feedback, a repechage/double elimination system will be used.

Q: Will there be a juvenile or junior division?
A: If there is sufficient interest, then these divisions may be accommodated. If your team wishes to enter junior/juvenile members, please email us at essexopen@gmail.com. Depending on the response, we may make registration for these divisions available.